"Master Harold...and the Boys" Written Task 2

Topics: Ballroom dance, Afrikaner, Black people Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: December 2, 2011
How and why is a social group represented in a particular way?
Social groups are always represented with a stereotype. This could include their physical appearance, their language, style, or manners that will define this certain social group. In “Master Harold”… and the boys, written by Athol Fugard , social groups are represented in a particular way. In this case, Fugard represents South Africans creating a stereotype, creating characters like Willie that represents the cultural context of the play which is Apartheid and ballroom dancing in the 1950’s. Apartheid and Ball Room dancing are elements essential to the South African culture. In fact, the book takes place in South Africa in the 1950’s at the beginning of Apartheid, where a minority of white men in the government imposed strict laws that discriminated and segregated the blacks or “colored” majority denying them basic civil rights or privileges. The author of the play, Athol Fugard, represents South Africans in a particular way considering the cultural context in which it is taking place. Apartheid is an important element that will tell the reader why the characters are made the way they are. For example, Willie is a black South African servant who is considered a minority for the society for having colored skin. He also demonstrates a lack of education because during this period of time, blacks were not allowed to go to schools and access education. As the book is set in 1950 when ballroom dancing came across the South African culture, the author creates characters that will associate with this type of dancing. This is why Willie is represented as a character that is passionate about ballroom dancing and wishes to win the dance competition. Ballroom dancing is another element that defines the South African culture. The 1950’s gave a rise to this type of dancing in South Africa mainly because of its British heritage. As a result, ballroom dancing is known to whites and blacks influenced by an...
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