Master Cleanse Diet

Topics: Master Cleanse, Obesity, Lemon Pages: 3 (740 words) Published: April 28, 2009
Natalie Murcia
“How to do the Master Cleanse”
   How many of you have been walking down the street and catch your reflection in a window? then you see that extra pudge and wonder how it got there. what do you do next? you walk into the nearest bookstore or go online and research the newest diet. So after trying half of the diets like Jenny Craig, The South Beach Diet, Atkins and many others you realize that they do not work. Well heres one that does work. when all else fails i have the perfect solution for you. not only does this diet help you lose weight but it also helps cleanse your body of harmful toxins. Here are the instructions on how to prepare your miracle tonic "the master cleanse" or some of you may know it as “the lemonade cleanse” or “the maple syrup diet”. In this speech i will give you the background, ingredients and recipe.  

1. So you’re asking who invented this new diet and why? Well for starters it’s not new and his name is Stanley Burroughs.
A. He invented “The Master Cleanse” in 1941 initially for three reasons
1. To aid in the detoxification of harmful toxins within the body
2. A diet for the loss of weight
3. A cure for ulcers
B. How does the “Master Cleanse” work?
1. It helps remove those cravings for drugs, alcohol, tobacco and junk or unhealthy food.
2. Helps eliminate toxins such as pesticides, hormones, prescription drugs and chemicals that have built up in the body
3. And lastly, helps lose weight, increase energy and some have claimed to alleviate some chronic diseases

TRANSITION: The master cleanse is a diet which requires you to drink a lemonade cocktail for the duration of the cleanse. The recipe for the master cleanse is very simple and easy one to formulate.

II. There is only a few ingredients you are going to need for the master cleanse but it is important that you use the exact products, do not make any substitutions and you must follow the measurements exactly.

A. The 5 main...
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