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IT 260 – Mid Term Overview

1. Although traditional network security devices can block traditional network attacks, they cannot always block Web application attacks. True
2. Securing a network begins with the design of the network and includes secure network technologies True
3. Cipher locks are the same as combination padlocks
4. Data, once restricted to papers in the office filing cabinet, now flows freely both in and out of organizations, among employees, customers, contractors, and business partners. True
5. When a policy violation is detected by the DLP agent, it is reported back to the DLP server? True
6. is frequently used to describe a and your choices are physical security m network security or information security
7. Under the _____ , healthcare enterprises must guard protected health information and implement policies and procedures to safeguard it, whether it be in paper or electronic format. HIPPA
8. What is another name for unsolicited e-mail messages?
9. The __ ___
a. Social engendering
10. In a blank infections ececutivable code undr the
b. Sweest chesse
11. A ___ vosrus is rounder a is turn
c. Resident
12. Loci bugic mp
13. Tjis is a software program that is unexpected
d. Adware
14. Whatever % sign or wataver % sign
e. Whatever aprosfrobee (is the answer) space 1 equeals from tab name ( semicolon con 15. This is designes to display data in
16. ___ ____ atemps is offers
g. Session hidejacking
17. Replay
18. When TCP/IP the whole table was ecpended to matching computers know as (DNS ) donai 19. When DNS knows as a
h. Zone transfer
20. The gold of __ __ the better understand why the attack i. Treat model
21. ___ is the proportion of the an axel
j. EF
22. ___ is the proparibility when a cooucrs on the particular year k. ARO
23. While the ocdee is...
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