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How does Lloyd Jones present the setting, and use it to develop conflict?

In Mr Pip, the main conflicts roam around its setting. The village itself is isolated because of a blockade and civil conflict, and this isolation disables the villagers from escaping to a safer environment.  At the same time, we see a kind of self-imposed isolation on the part of the young children, especially Matilda, and between the adults. 

Mr. Watts has opened a door into a world far different than the one the children are faced with in their lives, and Matilda finds this so exciting that she almost imagines Dickens’ characters into life, especially Pip which is her escape from the isolation caused by all the madness and horrors happening on the island. This is another reason Dolores and Mathilda enter into a conflict.

Because of war, no one can and consequently everyone is isolated from the rest of the world. Isolation is the main factor to everything that happens on the island, whether it is between the villagers themselves or the soldiers on the islands. The isolation eventually causes a conflict between the people on the island themselves; for they cannot escape from each other and peace is a virtue they are rarely granted. The war between the Redskins and the Rambos, is the consequences of the Blockade imposed by the redskins, which causes the isolation in which everyone is trapped. Matilda tells us ‘We heard that no one could get in or out. We didn’t know what to make of that, because how could you seal off a country?’

The repercussions of the isolation; are the other conflicts, which happen on the island.

Dolores and Mr Watts’s shallow conflict is in a way an opposition of Great Expectations and the Bible. Because of the blockade, Mr Watts starts instructing the children of the village. The novel he first reads to them is Great expectations, which causes the conflict between him and Delores. We see this at first when Delores and Mr Siep...
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