Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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Mmorpg Madness
Video games are a widely enjoyed and popular form of entertainment. There’s a genre for just about everyone and just about everyone enjoys playing them; From toddlers to teenagers, adults to elders, there’s a game that would guarantee each person hours of mind-numbing enjoyment. One genre of video games has impacted me the most. “Mmorpg’s” or “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games,” is the genre I’m speaking of, and here’s why. Mmorpg’s offer so much more than the traditional console game. Unlike console games, the Mmorpg offers a large community of different types of players from all different backgrounds. They’re also good for teaching how to set short term and long term goals. And finally they’re an excellent source of relieving tension, and venting frustration. All these qualities make the Mmorpg an exquisite learning device.

Imagine being in a room with people from every walk of life. The Mmorpg universe is exactly like that. It offers you a chance to learn about how others think, and react to things differently than you do. These games truly offer ways to find out what type of people you get along with the most. Many of the games even include a guild or clan system which allows for even closer groups of people working together and sometimes use vocal programs such as skype or ventrillo allow them to communicate hands free.

Secondly, everyone needs to learn how to set short term and long term goals. When playing Mmorpg’s it’s no different! When you’re determined to get that new set of armor, you’ve got to set priorities. Do you want to buy a new pet, or found a guild, or do you want that new armor? Maybe the armor could be a part of a larger goal. Maybe you want to go adventuring with higher level friends, and the only way you can survive is by purchasing a higher quality armor. In any case, these games are an exemplary way of teaching Goal setting skills.

Lastly, these games offer a superb way of relieving tension...
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