Massie's Analysis

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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In 1759 Joseph Massie compiled statisticsof averag€family incomes in England, divided by occupation.' His analysiscan be imagired as a broadly ba:ed p1'ramid. At the bottom is half the total population of England, with an income of {r3 or l€ssper family. There are some here, such as aleselers, s€amen- Inndon was I-ondon occupations. sdl England\ biggest port - paupers and vagrants, but th€ bulk of thesepoor people are couDtry dwelers, labourers md h'.rsbandmen, fending otrstarvation in the countryside, not in I.ondon Working our way up th€ plrarnid and concentrating on London, th€ first Inndoner we m€et is a labourer eaming d27 los a year. Th€n we g€t to solid citizens such as tradesmen, builden and 'manufactur€rt, al about d4o a year ('manufacturer' was defined by The d5o to dloo band as SamuelJohnson a 'workmanor artificer'). clergy, the'liberal arts', and officers in the Amy and Nary. covers The law, a Inndon-based profession,scoresJroo a year, alongsidea few succesful mDufacturers, merchants and tradesmen, but is left behind bv some merchantswho may be ma.kingup to {6{)0 a ycar. Then finaly we approach the summit of the pyramid, rank after rank of 'tid€d gentry'. They draw their wealfi from their estatesin the country, and many of them live th€re all their lives, but incr€asingly they are dmwn to London for somepart of the year, and own or rent a housr in London. The pyramid culininates in ten families with an annnal income of almost {z7,ooo ezch.

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