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  • Published : November 18, 2008
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Massage therapy is a method used for the treatment of soft tissues for the reason of generating physiological effects on the vascular, muscular or nervous systems of the human body. Application of massage therapy by the common communities and people has improved significantly in current times. In light of the reputation of massage therapy for stress cut, an inclusive assessment of the literature about massage therapy and its risks or benefits is vital to sum up the efficiency of this modality on stress-reactive physiological actions (Cowen et al., 2006).

Stress is the interference in homeostasis occurred because of the psychological occurrence. Physiological revolutionizes in reaction to a stressor such as epinephrine or cortisol creation and discharge, organize the person to better deal with the circumstances (Cowen et al., 2006). When stressful occurrences become persistent, pathological consequences outcome and can add to psychological dysfunction.

Massage therapy has been publicizing as a remedy for the indication of stress by the researchers, massage therapist or professionals and the people. Massage therapy may have a helpful result on numerous physiological variables, especially salivary cortisol and heart rate, when evaluated right away pre-post massage, but is illogical or full of loopholes for the multiple-treatment result on physiological variables of stress (Cowen et al., 2006).

Massage therapy should not be used to substitute your normal medical concern or to postponement considering a doctor about a medical dilemma. Massage therapy emerge to have few grave hazards if suitable carefulness are pursued. A very little number of grave damages have been came under notice, and they took place generally because carefulness were not pursued.

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