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Our Product
We, OSIM, want our customers to experience and enjoy an inspiring and healthy life. We mainly focus on produce massage products for example: massage chairs, head massagers, eye massagers,etc.

OSIM uDivine App Massage chair
OSIM uCozy and uRelax Upper body massagers
OSIM uGalaxy Eye massager

Our Target Market
We target our market of customers for both genders and all races. Our target market are people from age 25 to 50, who belong to middle or upper class; they have a good economics situation ,can offer some luxurious products, and want to have a relaxable, easy and healthy lifestyle. We produce our products especially for those people who always feel very tired and muscle pain after their long time of study and work, for example: layers and accountants who always work in front of computers for long hours. Our target customers usually wants to meet their self-actualization needs. We also focus on customers who are family concerned and care about all their family members lifestyle. However ,because of the high price of our products,not every people can offer our products.

Buying Process
Need recognition
Due to always study long hours on table and play computer, my neck always feel pain. Therefore i went to do massage very often. But after a period of time, i realized that to do massage in massage shop is more expensive than have a massage chair in a long term. That is the first time i want to have a massage chair. Few months later , when i went to one of my best friend home, i saw a new OSIM massage chair. When i was trying her massage chair, i feel so comfortable that i could almost fall asleep. I decided: i need a massage chair!

Information search
After deciding to buy a massage chair, i start to search the information about it. Because of seeing a lot of OSIM outlets in Singapore, i asked my friend who had this product to talk about her experiences. She told me that is really worth to have one, every family member can use it ,and...
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