Mass Society Health

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uhLazaro, Maria Clarizza H.
Mr. Mariano
9 July 2013

Mass Society Health: An Annotated Bibliography

Mass society theory is an idea that media has strong influence towards people, it plays a role of shaping people’s mind and perception of the social world and it is also to manipulate people’s action with delicate, subtle and effective ways (Baran and Davis 2006, p.43). With this, Mass Society Health states that various forms of media may infer health-related issues on people especially children. These issues may constitute the leading cause of health hazards and can cause negative effects on its viewers. On contrary, there can also be whooping advantages that media can present to the society when it comes to media and health advances.

Strasburger, Victor, Amy Jordan, and Ed Donnerstein. “Health Effects of Media on Children and Adolescents.” Pediatrics: Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics
125.4 (2010): 756-767. EBSCO. Web. 30 Jun. 2013
Strasburger is a renowned American pediatrician and is a Professor of Pediatrics at University of New Mexico School of Medicine. Amy Jordan is a director of the Media and the Developing Child sector of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. Ed Donnerstein is from the Department of Communication at The University of Arizona. In this paper, the authors intend to explain if media have health effects on Media and Adolescents. It presented different observation on how the youth get influenced by different media technologies such as television and gaming consoles. It also explains that the aforementioned technologies bring influences and new learning on the viewers such as health information, sexual messages and violence which may involve either positive or negative implications on mass society. Using different questions for surveys, the authors found out that television is the most popular form of media exposure for the youth. This television exposure is due to televisions equipped in a bedroom and with this, parents do not actually get to observe and guide their children. Conclusion: media can actually expose not just the youth but everyone else to its various effects when it comes to health. Parents, teachers and health practitioners fail to give appropriate guidance for their children on the different media they get to see.

Browne, Kevin, and Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis. “The influence of violent media on children and adolescents: A public-health approach.” The Lancet 365 (2005): 702-710 Google Scholar. Web. 2 Jul. 2013

Browne is the Chair of Forensic Psychology and Child Health at the University of Nottingham. Giachritsis is a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology Assistant Director, Centre for Forensic and Criminological Psychology at the the University of Nottingham. The research is about the influence of violence in media to young viewers in public health perspective. The authors gathered information by conducting intensive studies, surveys among children in England and quasi-experimental studies. The paper assumes that high exposure to television can lead to high exposure to television violence. It also explained the need for parental control as violence on media through public health interventions like censorship. Conclusion: violence can only how give short-term effects on viewers’ personalities when it comes to younger audiences. Long term outcomes for children viewing media violence are more controversial, partly because of the methodological difficulties in linking behaviour with past viewing.

Wilde, Gerald. “Effects of mass media communications on health and safety habits: an overview of issues and evidence.” Addiction 88 (1993): 983-996 Google Scholar. Web. 2 Jul. 2013

Wilde is a Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology at Queen’s University. In this paper, the author wanted to show the different issues and evidences of the effects...
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