Mass Production in the 1900's

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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The 1920's marked a great cultural transformation following WW1. Americans began embracing new forms of entertainment, which lead America to a great time of prosperity with business expansion and consumerism. The mass production of electricity helped to spur the mass production of automobiles, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, radios and many other consumer products. Demand for the many new products made advertising necessary to entice buyers. The media of the radio helped spread the desire.

One of the most influential industries was the mass production of automobiles.The Ford motor company with its model T car had a huge impact on the consumer revolution. Cars were no longer seen as just a luxury item for the wealthy. Henry Ford developed an official assembly line process which helped to keep the cost low. He designed and built special purpose machine tools and fixtures like multiple spindle drill presses that could drill a hole on one side of an engine block in one operation and a multiple head milling machine that could simultaneously machine 15 engine blocks held on a single fixture. Each one of these machine tools were arranged in production flow and had special carriages for rolling heavy items into machine position. More than 30 million americans owned cars by 1930.

The US also had vast supplies of raw material that was hardly touched. A lot of American's were immigrants who were in sear of new jobs and opportunities. New industries like the production of electrical goods and man made fibres were developed by the new immigrants who were hard working. They took the lead in making dyes, fertilizers, and plastics.

There was also a second "industrial revolution" in consumer goods like radios, cars, fridges, telephones, and vacuum cleaners. None of these were new items however they were new to the common man. Now that they weren't only available to the rich they were sold in millions to a mass market. All of these products benefited the general public a...
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