Mass Production Essay

Topics: Sustainable agriculture, Genetically modified organism, Organic farming Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: October 31, 2012

This essay argues the possible solutions to the problem of mass production. Mass production allows low quality products are endangering human health and the availability of natural resources. It is necessary to support organic agriculture and provide the necessary information on the labels of the products, so that consumers are aware of the type of food they consume.

Mass Production; a Double-edged Sword to Consumers
Everyday huge amounts of food are produced by mega factories, but many consumers are unaware of their origin and the elements that compose them. Mass production generates large volumes of food for society, but neglects the standards of quality, safety, and environmental factors that a product must have. These standards ensure that the food meets all the requirements to be consumed and it is safe for people. Within the problem of mass production of food by large industries several solutions can be identified to mitigate the risk to consumers. The mass production of large industries prevents small producers to enter into the market and sell their products. Large companies control much of the market. Small farmers are under pressure to introduce their products in the market regardless of product quality. This implies that farmers are not utilizing good farming practices when handling their farms and instead putting consumers at risk. These behaviors can be attributed to the need for farmers to keep their jobs and keep their business. For this reason it is necessary to support small farmers and encourage them to maintain good quality standards without using harmful substances. xxx Currently, known harmful effects to human health, are caused by genetically modified foods as a result of mass production. Among these effects is to presence of different types of food allergies and antibiotic resistance. The problem is that consumers are totally unaware of what foods have been modified because there is no information on the...
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