Mass Media Law Definitions

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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Definition of Law applied to Mass Media.

Mass Media Law refers to the collective set of laws that protect or limit media or the consumers from different issues that may arise from the use of exposure to mass media. Television, Internet, Newspapers, Magazines, and film are just some of the few examples of Mass Media that are governed by this set of laws. However, each form of Mass Media is subject to the different law s under the general heading of Mass Media law given that each form of media interacts differently with the consumers.

Mass media law is a legal field that encompasses a variety of communications industries, such as print media, film, broadcasting, and the Internet. With modern communications technologies, the mass media has the ability to affect many people in a variety of ways. The laws that govern these communications can be complicated and have far-reaching results. Many of the suits brought by media lawyers involve copyright infringement, defamation, censorship, and privacy.

Mass media law encompasses free speech law as well. In many countries, freedom of speech is a governmentally-acknowledged right of people. On the other hand, many governments have laws that allow for censoring of objectionable, sensitive, or harmful communications. Mass media lawyers may deal with the legal balance between free speech and censorship.

Media law is an area of the law which covers media communications of all sorts and sizes. Specialists in this field may work for individual companies, handling legal issues which come up in the course of doing business. They can also work for organizations which provide advocacy to people who run afoul of the law, or have private practices with consulting services and other forms of legal assistance available to clients.

Differences between the following terms applied in Law

A rule of order having the force of law, prescribed by a superior or competent authority, relating to the...
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