Mass Media in Society

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Media Pages: 2 (797 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Influence of mass media
Recently, among the important achievement of human is leap development of communications technology. It is phenomenon and has strongest impact. Beside the continuous improvement of speed, size and diversity, the mass media increase transfer capability and their technical quality. That changes can make the media spread father and penetrate deeply and change the nature of social life such as psychological, cultural ‘s norms and people’s habits

Today, new media is everywhere around; therefore, help people have a better life. It has strong power which create new space not having the virtual - reality frontier and make a digital gap in the society. Mass media contains newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet. People use mass media everyday every time. According to statistically, average people spend 2.5 hours per day to watching TV ( A half of leisure time’s people is spent watching TV and using mass media so that it also has strong effect on people’s life. Thanks to rapid development of media, people over the world and update information easier which is impossible in the past. Not only is it communication devices but also as effective tool to help people manage their life, learning, knowledge exchange, commercial, and more and more other function. It is easily to deny that it is the first time people has invented a new technology what likely to hold their own and make them unable to leave or lack of it. Let’s imagine if we live in the world without all this equipment, our world will be chaos out. Moreover, Internet has a great deal of valuable information but sometime they also biased and commercial, which make it unreality. Due to ability making the concepts of space and time become more relative, some people become more far from reality since they feel live in virtual world more comfortable. In fact, a lot of people enjoy surfing the Net and spend about...
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