Mass Media Effects

Topics: Mass media, Politics, Media influence Pages: 4 (1399 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Media has been an integral part of the world we live in today. It has been so since World War II when Nazi Germany used different kinds of propaganda through media to portray their message to the nation. Since then many breakthroughs have been made with televisions, radios and, newspapers. Today, media is the most important element and the most organized form of communication in our modern society as a source of information, especially in category of politics and government. The media sets all kinds of trends and decides “what’s in and what’s not.” It also serves as a representative for political socialization. There are many differing opinions about the workings of the media; some negate the media and some shed positive light on the role of the media. Mobilization Theory and Media Malaise Theory are two contradicting schools of thought. While one supports the media as being a gateway for knowledge and information, the other pins it as a useless commodity. The media is supposed to mobilize the people but instead it performs malaise, which turns many people off politics, which can lead to the mass population avoiding media as a whole in the near future. “Media can become an unwilling servant of the government,” (MacLean & Wood, 2010; Pg. 193). Modern mass media has an influence on people far and wide, that is why the government can use the media to broadcast what is in their best interest. The government can control the flow of information that is released or they can choose to hold back information that might be sensitive and too valuable to expose to the public eye. The media malaise theory touches on similar topics. Media Malaise theory suggests because of the media, people’s trust and interest n politics, government, and policies has declined. Media is responsible for the negative light shed on some of these topics, which causes people to avoid the media and its stories altogether. Newton (1999) states that media is always in search of bigger and better...
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