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  • Published: December 8, 2013
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The media has become a big player in political campaigns of parties and candidates. Media coverage of presidential campaigns is undoubtedly the biggest platform to reach voters. One major aspect of media coverage of campaigns is the presidential debates which have now gain recognition as a prominent tradition to a build to US presidential elections. From John Kennedy and Richard Nixon to Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney, presidential debates has been seen the biggest platform to project the image of candidates. A candidate’s image in an election, according to some campaign consultants, is even more important than economic growth indicators. “They claim [campaign consultants] that the level of political advertising and the candidates’ travel schedules, verbal dexterity, and demeanor in the debates make all the difference to voters. The theory is that image matters; therefore image is what campaigns seek to create, using intensive interventions” (Iyengar, p. 273) Though the number of live audience for a presidential debates has significantly reduced over the years due to the advent of cable television, the debate get to many voters than any single advertisement or news report. (Iyengar, p. 188-189) This paper will examine in depth, the incumbent President Barack Obama’s performance in the 2012 presidential final debate and newspapers coverage of the debate. The finals three major presidential debates in the 2012 electioneer year took place at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, on October 22, 2012. This debate like the other three debates of the 2012 campaign was organized under the auspices of the Commission on Presidential Debates and it was on foreign policy. The final debate was a very important one to both candidates so far as the effects of presidential debates goes due to the fact the candidates were tied in their last two debates. According to some polls conducted, while majority of voters applauded the...
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