Mass Media Censoship

Topics: Mass media, Propaganda, Advertising Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Mass Media Censorship
The effectiveness of media censorship is a long existing social problem commonly encountered and extensively concerned by a wide range of communities. As a matter of fact, the society as a whole, ranging from the authorities to individual social members, are deeply worried about the unhealthy information broadcast in the media, the misleading messages delivered by the press as well as the exaggerations in today’s advertisement. Absolutely, I believe that mass media censorship is necessary. First, some media broadcast some violent and pornographic contents that are harming the immature young people.The rise of the Internet is rather a dominating medium in this digitalization age yet far more technically difficult to supervise compared to traditional ones. The loyal surfers of the Internet are almost consisted of teenagers and young adults who are in adolescence and easily influenced by the outside world. No media censorship, no ensure. That is to say, if there is no media censorship, there will be a large quantity of unhealthy contents on all kinds of media, especially the Internet. Aa a result, the immature young people learn from the “heroes” whose words and behaviors are very pornographic even can lead to crime. I remember a event that happened in my hometown. There were a group of boys between the age of 15 to 20, who were not interested in studying but paid their attention to entertainments. Their parents had no methods to teach them, so they let them go. These boys often surfed the Internet in the Internet bar, and stayed there day and night. A period of time later, they raped a girl who were still in school. What I was told is that they played games, and watched some videos related to two sexes in the Internet bar. So I want to say that even though the censorship exisits, the strength is still not strong enough. From here we see that the media censorship is not only necessary, but also need to strengthen. Second, some...
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