Mass Media and the Need of an Ethical Code

Topics: Sociology, Mass media, Vincent van Gogh Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Mass Media and the need of an ethical code

In the process of securitization, the media framing (Balzacq, 2011:79) plays a crucial role in convincing the audience with the emergency of a threat. In order to achieve this goal, the media in its mass variant exploits many communication tools such as movies, audio recordings and internet including communication techniques which involves the invitation of experts or individuals with nihilist opinions to convey a certain image of the threat. Whether the threat factually exists or does not, there are individuals who are directly involved in this securitization process and whom may fall victims of popular anger or extremist's revenges. In the last twelve years securitization of Islam in Netherlands within the development of the Global War on Terrorism, many individuals with political agenda or without have been victim of the instrumentalisation of the media in the securitization process. For instance, the film director Theo van Gogh who has been murdered by an Islamite terrorist on the street of Amsterdam. Furthermore, the securitization's process through the media's framing procreates stereotyping cultures which encourage discrimination and racism against minorities. After a medical research, the discrimination is a direct cause of mental disease between the monitories members (Oxford Journals. 7-2-2013). Hence it imposes heavy cost on the society.

It is an evidence that the civilian causalities ratio in a military action is significantly higher than those of the media campaigns; and also the causes of schizophrenia are unrestricted to discrimination's distress, but it is quite obvious that the management of the process of securitization through media needs an ethical code rather than to focus on threshold's parameters (Balzacq, 2011: 120) of the securitization success or failure as the only criteria to the engagement of media in securitization.

A securitization failure (Mubarak's speeches)

During the...
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