Mass Media and Society

Topics: Public relations, Public, Attitude change Pages: 9 (2082 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Exam Review: The Practice of Public Relations – 10th Edition 50 questions
Chapter 1-5:
Chapter 1: 4 MC, 4 TF
PR differs from publicity, advertising, and propaganda. •Definition of Public Relations – 1st class notes
oPublic Relations is the management of communication with in an organization and its partners/publics. •RACE – research, action, communication, evaluation
RPIE- research, planning, implementation, evaluation.
Public Relations as Management Interpreter
Leon Hess did not believe or have a public relations department but now it is necessary for businesses to have them. •Must interpret the philosophies, policies, programs, and practices of their management to the public. •They must convey the attitudes of the public to their management. Public Relations as Public Interpreter

Interpreting the public to management means finding out what the public really thinks about the firm and letting management know. •Ralph Nader spread a rumor about GM that their car was “unsafe at any speed.” •Mobil Oil bought the parent of the Montgomery Ward department store chain, the company was publicly battered for failing to cut its prices. •Ronald Regan was good at interpreting…Bush was not.

The Publics of Public Relations
There is no general public, it could be seen as publics relations or relations with the publics. •Internally, managers must deal directly with various levels of subordinates as well as with cross-relationships that arise when subordinates interact with one another. •Externally, managers must deal with a system that includes government regulatory agencies, labor unions, subcontractors, consumer groups, and many other independent but often related organizations. •Internal publics- are inside the organization: supervisors, clerks, managers, stockholders, and the board of directors •External publics- are those not directly connected with the organization: the press, government, educators, customers, suppliers, and the community. •Primary publics can mostly help or hinder the organization’s efforts •Secondary publics are less important

Marginal publics are the least important of all.
Employees and current customers are traditional publics. •Students and potential customers are future ones.
Segmentation separates consumers into 8 distinct categories: 1.Actualizers are those with the most wealth and power
2.Fullfilleds have high resources and are principle-oriented professionals or retirees 3.Believers are fulfilleds without the resources
4.Achievers have high resources and are status oriented
5.Strivers lack the resources of Achievers but are equally status oriented 6.Experiencers have high resources, are action oriented, and are disposed toward taking risks 7.Makers also are action oriented but have low resources

8.Strugglers have the lowest resources
Marketing and Advertising promote a product or a service. •Public relations promotes an entire organization
Functions associated with public relations work:
2.Media relations
7.Marketing communications
8.Community relations
9.Consumer relations
10.Employee relations
11.Government affairs
12.Investor relations
13.Special publics relations
14.Public affairs and issues management
15.Web site development and web interface
Spinning the facts is not related to PR, it is seen unethical in the PR world. •Heyman Associates reported seven areas that characterize a successful public relations career: 1.Diversity of experience

3.Communications skills
4.Relationship building
5.Proactivity and passion
7.Intangibles, such as personality, likeability, and chemistry •The work of public relations translates from one group to another. •We sell memories, images, and ideas.
Attitudes and opinions cannot be changed easily / overnight. •Internal vs. External publics...
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