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Mass Media Influences

The mass media has a huge influence on everyone in society. The mass media reaches large number of the public. Generally, the big influences on us come from either the newspaper, television, radio or also the internet. The main purpose of the Mass Media is to provide us with information, entertainment and advertisement. Unfortunately we do live in a society that depends on communication so we look to these sources to get our information. Media influence has grown exponentially with the advance of technology. Mass Media has influence the general public more then we think it has. In today society we rely on the mass media for everyday life such as things like work, education, entertainment and even for are own personal use. The use of technology improvement is making the mass media easier then ever to get to source . Most people don’t realize that the Mass Media has been built into are everyday life style. We rely on the media to get current news and facts about what is important and what we should be aware of.

Newspaper are an incredible influence tool in society, they easily turn on people emotions in favor or against an issue that is being discussed. This is because readers tend to believe everything that is written in the newspaper even though it might not be entirely true. This cause misleading information that then goes to the public which immediately influences the public to react. Therefore the newspaper can be very biased about story. Newspaper is a huge influence on society. “Media is considered to be a main piece within society that is frequently associated with the concept of social”. (Lange, 2008) This statement really agrees with the fact that Mass Media has a huge influence over our society and how they conveys what people take from the media and relate it to there own life’s.

Television is a very big influence in today time. “Of all the media distribution channels the most influential has...
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