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Impact of New Media on Teenagers
(A research based on the positive and the negative impact of new media on teenagers of Delhi) Dr. Durgesh Tripathi Gitika Khurana

New media is a medium of mass communication that is spreading its magic worldwide. It is making efforts from years and years to educate inform and persuade the masses all over the world. New media is a set of new technologies that became increasingly embedded in everyday niches, it is common for youth to interact with dozen of digital devices through a typical day, and many spend hour upon learning about manipulating computer devices such as laptop computers, handheld computers, cell phones, pagers etc.

The term new media is a broad term in media studies that emerged in the later part of the 20th century to encompass the amalgamation of traditional media such as film, music, spoken and written word with the interactive power of computer and communications technology, computer enabled consumer devices, and most importantly the internet. New media has been from time to time bringing out various issues, various happening towards the society through the means of news, views, documentaries, advertisements, photographs, articles, songs, blogs etc.

From hardcore issues to soft issues, new media has been bringing out all the inside stories of the society, our government and countries abroad to the people in the country. The new media, including internet, social networking sites, online gaming, mobile phones, instant messages, e-mails is a very vital part of our society that apart from sending messages about various things and happening surrounds everyone in some way or the other. It helps to connect individuals to one another and to the world, invariably; its powerful influence shapes the ways in which the viewers or the participants perceive the world and their own place within the world. The digital media has been characterized as an important agent for the development. While the effect of these forms of new media is pretty obvious among the adult population, the effect is even more profound on the teenage population. New media as a successful tool of mass media has always been a driving force towards the perception and thinking of the society as a whole, but forcing on the future of the country, i.e. the teenagers, it is corrupting their minds. Instant messaging is most popular among 14-18 years old where as e-mail is growing in popularity among those aged 20 years and above. Internet advertising is another popular part of the new media. Internet advertising also known as online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the internet and the World Wide Web for the expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. Examples of internet advertising include contextual ads on the search engine results pages, banner ads, rich media ads, social network advertising, interstitial ads, online classified advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing including e-mail spam.

The first internet advertisement came into being in 1989. Tim-Berners Lee invented the while working at CERN, the European particle physics library and had their first online advertisement. Since it was a research based on the impact of new media on the teenagers, it was very important to know about teenagers in brief. Teenage is a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. Teenage is a very crucial stage of one’s life as in this period an individual leaves behind his childhood and moves towards adulthood. A teenager is a person between the age group of 13 and 19 years. The teenage is a human phenomenon that refers to an age or stage of maturing person. This transition involves biological, social and psychological changes. There are three types of teenagers in the world. They are:  The teenagers who are resilient, intelligent and healthy in body and soul. These teenagers are of a nature...
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