Mass Media

Topics: Mass media, Music, Street racing Pages: 2 (850 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Mass Media
Nicholas Felix
Dr Epps

Mass media during the last century has come at us in different ways. The use television and radio to spread the news. Than more recently it is the internet that has played a big factor in spreading news at a faster rate. Many people are easily influenced by what they see on television, radio or internet. The media has a way of spreading stories true or not and can be damaging if not true. One example of the media influencing people would be 9/11. They have for years tried to keep several pieces of information from the public. Believe it or not the government does control our media and they decide what stories to release to the public and which stories to remain a mystery. Another way that mass media is playing a role in people’s lives is through video games. Video games which most are violent can train your main to accept violence is an acceptable no big deal type of matter. We are basically training our children to be killers and get accustom to killing. To me that is a brain washing method. A lot movies watch can influence your mind more than you think. For instance when I first watched Fast and Furious, that movie influenced me in a big way. I left the movies wanting to street race and drive at high speeds. Shortly after that movie came out I was street racing and fixing up Hondas in to street racers. On a different note, Music is a main mass media evolution in itself. Most musicians are tied into evil and you can see hear it in the modern music. If you look closely at the music videos and listen to the words, the symbolism is there and most people are blinded to the truth of what is really being portrayed in these songs. I use to listen to rap music and I discovered to evil truth behind it, one video that many people should pay attention to is Lil Wayne’s “she’s on fire” video. The video is basically is a satanic ritual in which he is excepting the devil in his life. The symbolism is all through the...
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