Mass Immigration Into America Has Negative Effects on Its Culture.

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  • Published : October 10, 2008
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In “Mass Immigration: Its Effects on Our Culture” (2002) Lawrence Auster believes that the rapid influx of immigrants into America has detrimental effects on the nation’s culture. Ever since the establishment of the US Immigration Act in 1965, America is being opened up to an incursion of people of a multitude of backgrounds, causing it to become redefined “as a multicultural society rather than as a nation.” Firstly, he claims that it is dangerous—influx of thousands from variable, and perhaps questionable, background might endanger America. Principally placed in a position of potential vulnerability, especially in view of the violent militant Islamic movement, America is at risk. Secondly, he expresses concerns that slowly but surely, erosion of American culture is occurring, and replaced by one that belongs to its immigrants, posing threat to national identity. Thirdly, he put forward that the American notion of everyone being “same underneath his skin”, or non-discrimination of other races and nations, has caused mass immigration. He further states that this would result in multiculturalism, and the dearth of the American America. He has not, however, taken into account the significant objection to mass immigration. He has also overlooked the vast intelligence and willing labour that the migrants bring. Underlying his claims is the assumption that no objection by the conservative organisations indicates congruency to supporting the Anti-American movement. He casually disregards ____ Furthermore he fails to consider in greater depth the possibilities of potential alternatives. Supporting claims: (Strengths of argument, how well supports, well defined terms, effective, strong specific evidence, explicitly state key assumptions, adequate, relevant, consistency) + (Weakness: vague, ambiguous, omit intro, emotive, biased language, IMPROVEMENTS) (Links: notes, implies, counters, observes, demonstrates)

Auster claims that influx of thousands from variable...
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