Mass Communication Essay

Topics: News Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: March 17, 2012
I have used media over the past few days by watching the local news. Watching the evening news on a daily basis catches me up on any events that have happened in and around my community while I was at work. After spending a day at work, it is soothing for me to sit down for half-an-hour and not have to think about my own problems while being informed of any issues or events happening in my community. This also gives me the ability to speak with friends and family in a knowledgeable manner concerning my community. I have used the news as an opportunity to procrastinate from doing chores that need to be accomplished before I can say the day is over. Watching the news on a daily basis keeps me informed of any problems or issues facing my community and the world around me. I also watch the news to keep informed of local events and happenings so I can decide if there are any functions or gatherings I would be interested in attending. I appreciate that I can turn to the local news to tell me the facts as well as elaborate on what it might mean to me personally. The news also occasionally connects me to people that I wouldn't ordinarily have the chance to meet by mentioning local events that are interesting to me. Without the news telling me what is going on in my area, I might miss an opportunity to meet with new people that share a common interest. The news keeps me informed of things happening in the entertainment world as well, either by doing a celebrity report or mentioning what movies are currently at the top of the box office. The news helps me formulate values by presenting pieces on people who are doing good in the community through charity work and informing me how I can contribute to worthy causes. It also clearly represents what is not socially acceptable by reporting on crime in and around my area and what consequences can come from not being a law-abiding citizen.
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