Mass and Haul Diagram

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Mass and Haul Diagram
HAUL : product of earth excavated and the distance it was transported to form an embankment or to be disposed as waste. unit: meter – station (metric) = 1 m3 to be transported FREE HAUL DISTANCE (FHD) : fixed distance within which the hauling of material is not paid for but it is assumed to be included in the cost of excavation. OVERHAUL (OH) : product of volume in excess of the free haul mass and the length of overhaul in which payment is already required. LENGTH OF OVERHAUL (LOH) : distance between the center of gravity of mass excavation beyond the free haul mass and the center of gravity of the resulting embankment.

Mass and Haul Diagram
LENGTH OF ECONOMICAL HAUL : distance within which it is economical to haul materials than to throw them as waste.

WASTE : excavated earth to be thrown away and not to be used as filling materials. BORROW : the excavated materials obtained from borrow pits located beyond the limits of the road when the excavation for the roadway is not sufficient to form embankments.





xL FHD Vcut=Vfill

Here under shows a table of quantities of earthworks of a portion of a proposed national road to be constructed to connect some provinces in the Philippines. The length of the free haul distance is specified to be 50m long. It is required to determine the stationing limits of free haul distance so as not to include in the computation of overhaul. Station 2+000 +020 +040 +060 +080 2+100 +120 +140 Cut (m2) 60 35 20 10 0 Fill (m2)

Vcut=Vfill cg FGL cg waste OHM= Vcut FHM borrow cg





0 15 60 100

Profile Diagram



Station 2+000 +020 +040 +060 +080 2+100 +120 +140

Cut (m2) 60 35 20 10 0

Fill (m2) 1 0 15 60 100
FHD = 50m

2 3


60 35 2+000 20 y1 2+140 10 2+080 15 y2 60 100


Problem: The cross-sectional area of sta 1+460 is 40m2 in fill, at sta 2+060 is 60m2 in cut. The free haul...
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