Maslow and Google

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Google’s Great Benefits – Will They Last Forever?
Maslow’s Theory Terms:
Motivation: The result of the interaction of a person’s internalized needs with external influences that determine behavior (Introduction to Business; Straub & Attner). Needs are the physiological (physical) and psychological (mental) deficiencies that a person has the compulsion (desire/drive) to satisfy, due to the tension (stimulus) caused by the deficiency. Lower-order needs: physiological, safety, and social needs that rests more with conditions of the work environment like pay and benefits. Higher-order needs: esteem and self-actualization which are things like creative and challenging work, job autonomy, respect, responsibility, praise, and recognition. Deficit Principle: a satisfied need is no longer a motivator of behavior Progression Principle: a need at one level does not become activated until the next-lower-level need is already satisfied. RELATE THE WORK ENVIRONMENT AT GOOGLE TO MASLOW’S NEEDS THEORY. Google is a open economy organization ranked number 1 by Fortune magazine as the best place to work in the United States. Google meets their employees’ lower-order need (P1) by offering them great pay along with many on site benefits and. Google also meets their employees’ higher-order needs by making their working environment comfortable and focusing on their need to get the job done as opposed to focusing on titles and corporate hierarchy. (P2, L4, 8-9). Google values their employees’ opinions (P3, L11-15), and uses their the results as part of their growth and development procedures. The management style used by Google is the opposite of Maslow’s theory. Maslow states that once a need is satisfied it will no longer motivate a person. At Google they satisfy their employees needs on both levels and in return their employees are happy and very motivated, so motivated that Google is considered to be the best company to work for in the United States..
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