Maslow's Theory

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Maslow's Theory
MGT 331: Organizational Behavior
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Maslow's Theory
‘You can't fly without supply', is the motivational slogan that is well known throughout the military, associated with the supply squadrons located all around the world. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, which is set up to resemble a pyramid, one could almost place supply at the very top of the pyramid, in the higher order of needs position, this is due to supply being the foundation of the military. Supply can affect the military a great deal in accomplishing the mission, both positively and negatively. Therefore this requirement for supply and the effect they could have on the rest of the military would be enormous. As is compared to Maslow and his theory, you must have supply in order to be successful with anything else you need to accomplish will existing in the military realm. This order of needs listed by Maslow is the higher order of need, which includes self- actualization and esteem. These higher needs are merely essential in having before you can even imagine moving onto the rest. Which are the lower orders of needs, including social, safety, than finally physiological. All these needs are essential to have in order to be proven successful, as is supply in the military lifestyle. Self-Actualization

Self-actualization is the highest level of need in the Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. Self-actualization is the need to fulfill oneself. It's the need to grow and use abilities to the fullest and most creative extent (Schermerhorn, 2000). Self-actualization is an on-going process. Individuals, who are self-actualizing with a single exception, are involved in a cause outside their skin (Maslow, 1968). Sometimes people do not know what they want when there is a need for self-actualization. This could be due to the fact that some of the lower order of needs has not been met. An individual cannot get to self-actualization unless their lower order of needs is met. These are physiological, safety, social and esteem.

Within the military, the members meet their self-actualization needs by being allowed to pursue their goals. Anything they want to do within reason that will promote personal growth, they are given permission to pursue it. Everyone assigned to my squadron is authorized to take college courses. They are pursuing self-actualization through increasing their education. Several individuals choose not to attend college classes. A number of these individuals are content with their high school education and do not believe they need to improve their education. Other cultures believe that education is not a necessity in life and when individuals believe in this, it could be a hindrance in them moving to the self-actualization need. Other people within the squadron reach self-actualization by working a second job that better suits their needs. It is not that they need the money; it is the satisfaction in doing something they want to do. They may work in the military, but it is not their desired vocation.

Some ways we can help people to promote personal growth is to teach people that life is precious. Teach them that there is joy to be experienced in life. If people are opened to seeing the good and joyous in all kinds of situations, it makes life worth living. We should also help them discover their vocation in life, their calling, fate or destiny. This is especially focused upon finding the right career and the right mate (Maslow, 1968). Esteem

The second highest order of needs in the Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is esteem. People need to have a high level of self-respect and respect from others in order to feel satisfied, self confident and valuable. If these needs are not met, the person feels inferior, weak, helpless and worthless (Maslow, 1968).

My organization helps us achieve our esteem needs by submitting us to meet Quarterly Award boards, Senior Airmen Below the Zone, and Step...
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