Maslow’s: Hierarchy of Needs

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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In an article found in Psychology Today entitled Social Networks: What Maslow Misses it talks about how without social connection and collaboration. Many people get this from social networks as computers have integrated into many peoples lives. The article says that without this social interaction humans would not be able to fulfill their needs. The article explains that the human brains main purpose is to survive and this is why Maslow used basic essential needs as the base of the pyramid (Rutledge, 2011). Rutledge further explains that Maslow did not give credit to another basic need and that is the need to socially interact. So therefore without this need the safety need derived from parents would not exist, there would be no love if one were to only keep to themselves and had not other interaction, and you could never fulfill the need to belong. Someone has to have some type of social interaction past the psychological needs to be able to move up the pyramid. Moving towards the top of the pyramid with esteem and self-actualization could never possible exist without the social interaction and collaboration of others. The author of this article says that needs are not hierarchal but they are messier than that. Needs are like most other things in nature, an interactive, dynamic system, but they are anchored in our ability to make social connections (Rutledge, 2011). Rutledge also states that the model needs to be changed so that it mirrors our brain. I think that the model in itself is accurate but needs some revision to include social interaction as part of the psychological needs. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs I think includes this or is just an assumption. Rutledge, P. (2011, November 8). Positively Media . Retrieved April 24, 2012, from Psychology Today:
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