Masking Poor Communication

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Boaz Keyser stated that “people commonly believe that they communicate better with close friends better than strangers.” To me this statement is true; I can communicate better with my friend’s verses my spouse. Conversations between women and men are cross-cultural communication. This type of communication is explaining that both men and women speak in different manners. I believe that men and woman communicate so differently. I have been with my children’s mother for about 10 years and the biggest problem that we have always had is communication. As I was coming up as a little boy my mom worked so much that we didn’t see her a lot so there was not a lot of communication and affection in my house. So I didn’t and haven’t always had the best communication or affections skills. When I started dating, I found out quickly that I didn’t have any of communication skills and I choose to ignore the fact that I was lacking communication skills with people. I found it quite amusing, so I thought being young and stupid and not knowing that I would really need this in the future. I met my children’s mother and after a couple of years of dating, I heard those famous words again “You never communicate with me”. If we had a problem or a disagreeing, I would always just leave; I am not a man on confutation. I always thought that if I left and came back later that everything would just be ok. As years went by I kept on doing the same things over and over. My girl friend is one of those that like to sit and talk out the problem, so every time I left that created more problems. I thought after all the years of being together she would just understand my feelings and emotions. Eventually we split up and then it became really hard to communicate. When someone holds a grudge and bitterness towards you there is a wall and no way to communicate with them. I started seeing that this was only hurting my boys, so I started to change a little. Now everything is a work in progress, my...
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