Topics: Gender, Masculinity, Man Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: April 16, 2013
10 September, 2012

Discussion Questions: #2

What is it about masculinity that is so powerful? For most men masculinity is a way to show power or strength. A man must always show his power and strength around other males to gain respect from his peers. In some cases masculinity can go too far and become an instigator towards violence and fighting. Masculinity is so important in the life of a male that their whole life might evolve around it, affecting their actions. But masculinity has been affecting males from the 1600's, to present day. Back then all men were very muscular and athletic; physical appearance was everything and they all felt they had to have an image suitable to society. Even in today's society men are constantly trying to keep that manly and masculine look towards them. They are greatly influenced by star athletes and magazines such as Male Health that are shown to be muscular and strong. In my opinion I feel that masculinity has not changed because even today there is such a competition between males to be the strongest, and have the biggest muscles, and to have the most respect. Why I believe this is because more and more males are playing sports today in our society and competing to be the best athlete and more and more males are using male enhancers like steroids and testosterone boosters. Everyone wants to look bigger these days because once you establish yourself as a powerful and strong male you will gain the respect and power all males look for. Another factor to male dominance and masculinity is the alcohol and drug consumption of males. Men will always love to drink and participate in illegal activity but the reason being is due to the advertisements in alcohol ads and drug influencers which promote the uses. If males continue to listen to these advertisements the male population will have increasingly high health issues. The influences that society has on me becoming more masculine and manlier could actually start to hurt me...
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