Marzano's New Taxonomy Theory

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Logic Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Marzano's Taxonomy is the most current and comprehensive guide in 50 years to define the new standard for education--is a resource for all directors of curriculum and instruction, directors of staff development, principals, and teachers. Developed by Robert Marzano and John S. Kendall, internationally recognized experts in the development and improvement of standards for education, this field-tested and proven reference contains the most current research on the nature of knowledge and cognition and a reflection of the movement to standards-based education. Based on three domains of knowledge: information, mental procedures, and psychomotor procedures; and six levels of processing: retrieval, comprehension, analysis, knowledge utilization, metacognition, and self-system thinking (Intel Corp, 2007). Research on metacognition, particularly in literacy and mathematics, makes a convincing case that instruction and support in the control and regulation of thinking processes can have strong impact on achievement (Paris, Wasik, Turner, 1991; Schoenfeld, 1992). Marzano (2000) stated that Bloom’s Taxonomy model is not grounded by research; therefore, his findings are considered unreliable and invalid. Marzano stated that his model is grounded by research; therefore, his findings are reliable and valid. He further stated that his model used investigation; which is similar to experimental inquiry, but involves past, present, or future event. In an investigation, the information is less direct. It comes from the research and opinions of others through their writings, speaking, and other work. I think that Mazano’s articles are written from a very biased prospective.  He refuted Bloom’s findings and even called his model outdated.  While researching Marzano’s model, I was less impressed because it was more convoluted than Bloom’s model.  Although his model is grounded by research, I would not consider it to be the most ideal concept on critical thinking.  On the hand, Dr....
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