Marybeth Tinning

Topics: Sudden infant death syndrome, Childhood, Death Pages: 4 (1368 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Shaker Campbell
Marybeth Tinning Marybeth Tinning is an American serial killer, killing 9 of her children. Tinning was born in Duanesburg, a small town in New York. She had one younger brother, and they both attended Duanesburg School. Tinning was described by her former teachers as no more than an average student. Her father’s name was Alton Roe, and he worked as a press operator for General Electric, the area’s largest employer. Nothing is ever mentioned of Tinning’s mother, so she either died or was not in her life. During Police interviews Tinning claimed that she was abused by her father during her childhood. In 1986, Tinning confessed to a police officer that her father had once beaten her and locked her in a closet. "My father hit me with a flyswatter," Tinning told the court, "because he had arthritis and his hands were not of much use. And when he locked me in my room I guess he thought I deserved it." However, Tinning denied that her father had bad intentions during her courtroom testimony. Tinning had dreams of going on to college, but she never went. She started her early adulthood off working a series o f low wage, unskilled job. Later on, she eventually became a nurse’s aid at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady. In 1963, she met her husband Joe tinning on a blind date with some friends. Joe was described as shy, kind man with no criminal record. They got along well with each other and got married two years later in the spring of 1965. Joe also worked and General Electric as Tinning’s father did. Marybeth was considered to be am average looking adult women. Standing at 5’4 inches tall, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Joe and Marybeth appeared to have a very normal marriage they both worked very hard. There was only one abnormal and persistent...
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