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80 pcs. Of Kamias Caserole Salt
3 tbsp. sugar 1 tbsp. yeast
1 Cotainer Straw
Streamer Cotton
Cotton cloth 1 or 2 bottle


1. Prepared the 80 pcs. Kamias aqnd remove the upper and lower part . 2. After removing fill it to a container and wait for at least 6 or 7 days until the extract of the kamias comes out or release. 3. After 7 days waiting, separate the extract from residue in a bottle. 4. Add the 3 tbsp. sugar.

5. Wait for a days until the dullness of the extract cimes dow or what we called left residue. 6. Transfer to another bottle and put the yeast.
7. After putting yeast kindly get the cotton and put it to the mouth of the bottle and put a straw horizontally for the hole the bottle. 8. Wait for atleast I month.
9. After waiting, put it in a Caserole and boil in slow fire for the sterilization of the wine. 10. After that, the bottle next.
11. And feel the essence of my finish product. 

“Kaymito Leaves Decoction as Antiseptic Mouthwash”

½ kilo of kamias fruit
1 ½ kilo of chili
mortar and pestle
gas stove
product container


The researcher collected and prepared all the materials needed. The researcher then pounded the kamias and chili separately and gets their extracts. After pounding the kamias and the chili, the researcher boiled the two extracts separately for 5 minutes. Then the researcher mixed them and poured them inside the container.

Review of related literature:

In the past chili was used only as spices because of its taste. Later on, it was discovered as a good mosquito killer because of its pesticidal property.

While kamias (ginger lily) was also used in food spices before. Later on, it was discovered by Battistelli in 1939 that it has properties such as astringent, stomachic, refrigerant and antiscorbutic. Some of the researchers now are having kamias as wine but in this study the researcher wants to test the properties of the kamias fruit together with the chili.

Oregano as Perfume
Materials:             I. Ingredients:

1.) 400 grams paraffin wax
2.) Candle wick
3.) 100 grams stearic acid
4.) Dye/ scrap colored candles
5.) Fresh oregano leaves

            II. Other things:

 1.) Stove
2.) Kettle
3.) Stick
4.) Scissors
5.) Pail with water
6.) Garter
7.) Brush
8.) Oil
9.) Rag
10.) A pair of candle molders (#18 for the size of locally available candle) 11.) Strainer
12.) Knife

Here are the steps:

For the molder:

            All the materials were prepared in the working table. The candle molders were soaked in the half-full water basin for 10 minutes. After so, the molders were dried by a clean rag and brushed with oil to make it easy to pull out from the molder. The molders were paired and held together by a garter.

For the wick:

            The wick was tied to a stick and placed on the mold.

For the candle:

            The paraffin and stearic acid, together with the scrap candles, were melted together in a kettle over medium-heat stove. The fresh oregano leaves were stirred into melted wax (the strength of the scent depends on the amount of the oregano leaves and the amount of the herbs depends on your choice) Once, the change in the color of the wax was observed; the herbs can now be removed by a strainer. The melted ingredients were poured into the molder. The molder was submerged in water to hasten the cooling process. After 1-2 hours, the molder can now be opened and voila!

Gloc-9 — Upuan lyrics

Kayo po na naka upo, 
Subukan nyo namang tumayo
At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo
Ang tunay na kalagayan ko

Ganito kasi yan eh... 

Verse 1:

Tao po, nandyan po ba kayo sa loob ng
Malaking bahay at malawak na bakuran
Mataas na pader pinapaligiran
At naka pilang mga mamahaling sasakyan
Mga bantay na laging bulong ng bulong
Wala namang kasal pero marami ang naka barong
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