Mary R.

Topics: Captivity narrative, Mary Rowlandson, Fiction Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: March 9, 2013

Why does Rowlandson emphasize that her narrative “was written by her own hand for her private use”? (1st paragraph)Because she was a prisioner taken by indians and she decided to write this text in order to make known her story and all the events, all write by her, because there was other captivity narratives about this written by other authors. Why did she intend her narrative for “the benefit of the afflicted”? (1st paragraph)she wanted to show the sovereignty and godness of god to the benefit of the afflicted, for the people who suffered this cruelty and it could be a lesson, a didactic text to the rest of people.Affliction to her is like the puritan attitude towrds suffering, blessing. Regarding language: comment on what type of language can be observed, for example, throughout the second paragraph. It is an autobiographical text, in english, the genre is captivity narrative, she speaks in first person describing in detail the hauses at this moment and the indians.she tries to explain the events in an objective way but it is not always because she shows her emotions and feelings, which are not the way in which an external narrator would talk. In what ways does Rowlandson refer to the Indians throughout the text? Give specific examples of the names and/or phrases she uses to call them.Flakers, ravenous beasts. Why did Rowlandson change her mind regarding her decision to go with them rather than being killed by the Indians? What made her change her point of view? Because she at the beginning, when she though about it she with courage think thant she would prefer die than be under tirany but whhen she was all their big arms she probably felt fear and prefer be a captive rather than die and so she could explain and tell this story.
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