Mary Whiton Calkins

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Mary Whiton Calkins
Carolyn S. Nolen
April 25, 2011
Stephen Brown, MA, MFT

Mary Whiton Calkins

Mary Whiton Calkins although a prominent and very dedicated figure in psychology and philosophy, struggled to accomplish her achievements to make substantial contributions to the study. An American born in 1863, the oldest of five siblings she became the fourteenth and first woman president of the American Psychological Association. In the United States in1906, Calkins ranked as the twelfth leading psychologist (Kowalski & Westen, 2009). Calkins faced sexual discrimination throughout her career with disregard for her accomplishments and the degrees she earned with disapproval to gender (Furumoto, 1980). The environment in which Calkins’ grew up provided social development determined and molded by her father Wolcott Calkins in respect to education, religion, principles and morals influenced by the fact her father was a minister. Calkins was very family oriented and devoted to family and notably to her mother. The illness and death of a younger sister gave Calkins’ her first encounter with agonizing bereavement, a life perception beyond doubt that perpetually influenced thinking and character for Calkins (Furumoto, 1980). With extremely limited facilities for psychological laboratories, minimum psychology departments, and female, encountering admittance problems, Wolcott Calkins was instrumental by means of arranging interviews, petitions and letters in furthering his daughter’s education. Although granted attendance in response to a petition addressed to Harvard University, Harvard rejected Calkins registration as a student, only attendance in the classes and at seminars became established and permitted with Josiah Royce and William James. Fortunately, in the fall of 1890 in addition to attending seminars with Royce and James at Harvard University, Calkins studied experimental laboratory psychology work beneath Edmund Sanford at Clark...
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