Mary Warren Characterization

Topics: The Crucible, Salem witch trials, Elizabeth Proctor Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: January 30, 2013
La’Quinta Stephens
Mrs. Madden
English 3
January 18,2013
The Crucible: Characterization of Mary Warren
Following behind someone can only lead you to calamity. Would you rather lead your own way or follow someone else’s lead? The best way to be is to follow your own way, because being amenable with trouble will lead you to trouble. Likewise, in Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” the character Mary Warren follows behind Abigail Williams(Abby). She lies, throws people under the bus, and fakes seeing spirits. Mary Warren is a girl that doesn’t have her own identity; she always follows Abigail and the girls. Mary Warren is a follower and duplicitous person as shown through her words and actions.

Through Mary Warren’s words she shows herself to be a follower. John is trying to cajole Mary to come clean to the court about the lies her and her friends are telling, but Mary knows that if she tells the girls will turn on her and she doesn’t want to charge Abby with murder. Therefore, she tells Proctor she can’t do it, “She’ll kill me for saying that!”(955). Mary knows that if she snitches on Abby she will come for her life. Mary is a weak girl, and Abby is much stronger; Abby is stronger mentally. Abby is the leader and whatever she does or says goes. Abby threats the girls, she tells them if they tell she will come and kill them herself. Mary is standing before Judge Danforth to tell him that her and the girls are lying. He does not believe that the whole thing is fake, so he asks her to cry and fake seeing spirits before him if it is all a lie. Mary couldn’t bring herself to do that, because the other girls were not being fake and carrying on; she had no one to follow behind to make it look real so she just stood there, “It were pretense, sir.”(960). Mary uses the word pretense, which means to show falsely. Mary is showing false actions, because the other girls were. By saying that it’s pretense, she lets Judge Danforth know the hooping and hollering is all an...
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