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  • Published: September 21, 2014
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Final Exam – Dorothy Day
Part I
1) a. When we first meet Dorothy Day, she is living in New York City. b. When we first meet Dorothy Day, she is a journalist but she has no job. c. When we first meet Dorothy Day, she is particularly concerned with the poor people who were living in the tenement that was scheduled to be torn down. She was also concerned with women’s rights. 2) Dorothy Day had to retreat to a bungalow on the beach on rural Staten Island because she had an abortion. 3) At first, Dorothy reacts to the outdoor soup kitchen by being fascinated and curious and later she decided to become a catholic. 4) Dorothy lived out at the bungalow on Staten Island for about four or five years. 5) Dorothy named her daughter Tamar.

6) When she moved back to the city, Dorothy lived with her brother in his apartment. 7) The name of the visitor was Peter Maurin.
8) A woman came to Dorothy’s apartment to spend the night but Dorothy told her that there was no more room. The next day, Dorothy found out that the woman had died from the cold. Dorothy then decided to rent out a building so she would have more room. 9) The cardinal came to visit Dorothy and he insisted that Dorothy change the name of the newspaper and take out “Catholic”. 10) Dorothy threatens the official that she will move her shelter to Brooklyn.

Part II
4) During her life, Dorothy Day served as a social revolutionary. Day worked as an advocate in the women’s rights movement. Dorothy participated in strikes and protests. In 1917, she was arrested in Washington D.C. for participating in one of these strikes and was required to spend fifteen days in jail. Day also worked for a newspaper that frequently covered the subject of women and women’s rights.

Dorothy Day’s job as a journalist allowed her to get involved in many different types of social issues. One of the magazines she worked for opposed American involvement in World War II. She also traveled to Washington...
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