Mary Quant & Youth Power in 60s

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  • Published : October 29, 2012
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Cultural and Contextual Studies (CCS)
DE 1206A

Essay Question: 2.
Discuss how Mary Quant led the youth power movement in dress in the 60s? Briefly analyze how the movement start, how does it influence fashion. Where is it particularly evident in the designers’ collection? What design elements were used to bring the intended expression of the youth power? Cite no more than two collections from the respective designer as case studies.

Name: Nur Azalea Binte Salim Class: FH3C Student ID: 11671 Date of Submission: 1st November 2010 Lecturer: Dana Lam Fashion revolves around the society. Each and every occurrence or individual plays significant roles in fashion. Subsequently in this situation, Mary Quant was one of the many few prominent designers that led the youth power movement in the 1960s.

With that being said, the social period back then was different. The societies were all flooded with youths and their demands for an individual expression. A few events such as ‘youth-quake’ and the rose of feminism impacted fashion. One of the social changes, the ‘youth-quake’, had caused a major transformation in which there was an increase in the number of youth population that began to alter the whole basic concept of fashion to a new level. This was globally known as ‘Swinging London’.

Figure 1: Cover page for the April 15, 1966 edition of Time

With reference to Figure 1, it fully justifies what was meant by the term ‘swinging’; the dynamic cultural trends emphasized the new and modern plus the usage of brightly colored wears so as to appeal to everyone. Fashion then...
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