Mary Kay Ash and Bill Gates: How Are They Similar

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  • Published : January 21, 2011
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Leadership in Action: The Cosmetic Queen and the Software King Discussion 3
Mary Kay Ash is recognized as America’s greatest woman entrepreneur. She is known for empowering and opening doors of opportunity for women. She created a company “with heart” and with principles that praised people to success, put faith first, family second and career third. Bill Gates is the Chairman of the Microsoft Corporation, the worldwide leader in software. He has enabled businesses to recognize their full potential through services and solutions. Gates is highly intelligent and has built a foundation based on knowledge and continuous education. How would you describe each of the two leaders in terms of LPC and situational control? In terms of LPC, Mary Kay Ash would be described as an individual who is friendly, cooperative, open, and supportive. It is suggested that Mary Kay Ash has a high LPC score and this means that she has a human relations orientation. Gates on the other hand would be described as someone who is unfriendly, uncooperative, hostile, and guarded. In his case he would have a low LPC and be considered task oriented. When it comes to situational control, Gates is aggressive and is expecting to achieve results as soon as possible with minimal to no issues in between. He would be considered task-motivated because he knows exactly what to do and very well. In addition he knows how detailed the tasks are and he performs better when he has control. He is in the position of being classified as highly favorable from his followers. Ash is relationship- motivated. She performs better when she has a medium balance of control. Her leadership interaction is a combination of favorable and unfavorable. (Nahavandi, 2009) How are they similar?

Ash and Gates are similar because they are both enthusiastic with a purpose, disciplined, they both have a willingness to work, both determined, have a dream and make plans to follow them, they have an appreciation for others, they...
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