Mary Celeste, a Ghost Ship

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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The Mary Celeste was a ghost ship found off the coast of Portugal in 1872. The Mary Celeste is a ship was discovered atlantic ocean unmanned and apparently abandoned and she was fine and the people and it remain a mystery. Her cargo was virtually untouched and her crew was never seen or heard from again. The crew’s disappearance was the greatest mystery of all time. Eyewitness Account

The only eyewitness is Captain Morehouse. Captain Morehouse said that he thought that the crew was panic.

Reports that likely to be true.
The weather was very bad and for four days before the storm was very heavy and they found and maybe they have unlikely survive but the ship remains good and thus it remains a mystery. It seems reasonable to suggest that in order to take a break from the pounding sea, the captain gave the order to sail to the lee side of Santa Maria Island where the cook started a fire in the large galley stove to make hot food while other members of the crew furled most of the sails, leaving just enough canvas up to hold her heading as they made their way slowly along the lee shore of the island.  Other crew members set about pumping the bilge and doing other chores.   

When the food was ready, the men stopped what they were doing and ate. After taking a smoke break, the Captain gave orders to get underway and the crew went back to work. Some went back to pumping the bilge; others started to set the sails they had recently furled.  

Just then the seafloor near Mary Celeste was ripped apart by a shallow-focused earthquake, a relatively common occurrence in the Azores.  

Report that might be exaggerated 
Conan Doyle (the author) was dramatized the Mary Celeste's story by adding such touches as meals laid out on the table, tea boiling on the stove, and the ship was sailing boldly into the harbor at Gibraltar with nobody at the helm. Today, most people who have heard of the ship think these details are part of what actually happened....
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