Marxist Perspective About the Family

Topics: Marxism, Karl Marx, Socialism Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Discuss the Marxist Perspective on the Family

The Marxist feminists use Marxist concepts to explain their belief that the family is actually leading to the exploitation of women. Women have certain roles in the family which aren’t being paid by the government and the Marxist feminists see this as women are getting abused. Such roles are the caring of their children, attending needs of the husband and serve as an emotional safety-valve for the husband from the frustration of work. Friedrich Engels (1884) traces the origins of the family and the evolution of the family through time. He argues that as the mode of production change, so does the family. The early stages of human evaluation states that the means of production where communally owned, such the family, did not exists. Individuals lived in groups which were characterized by promiscuity. There were no rules limiting sexual relationships and therefore the community was like a 1 big whole family. Another Marxist who argues that the family is instrumental to the capitalist economy is Eli Zaretsky (1976). He believed that that the family was unable to provide physiological and personal needs which allow the proletariat (workers) to cope with the pressures of capitalism. The family aerates the illusion that private life of the family is separate from the economy but in actual fact, the family is supporting capitalism by producing future workers for the capitalists, consuming the products of the capitalists. Consequently this allows the capitalists to keep the profits up. For Zaretsky the family is a major problem to the capitalist economy. The socialization in the Marxist view is that the family socializes children into accepting values of capitalism, which to be clear with the status/level within hierarchy. The bourgeois nuclear family emerged with capitalism, this leads to the patriarchal power of male to be dominating the inheritance property. Women, on the opposite side, would be powerless for any...
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