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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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Analyzing in a Marxist lens
The song I chose to analyze is the song “Successful” by Drake and Trey Songz. The chorus is “I want the money, Money and the cars, Cars and the clothes, The ****, I suppose, I just wanna be, I just wanna be, Successful.” To mean this should be seen through a marxist lens. The first line talks about having money to contribute to a sense of successfulness. Money in this sense creates a high status amongst society. The next line ties in having money and what it can buy you. Being able to have unlimited budgets puts your mind into a world where money is not an issue and you can buy what ever your heart desires. The last couple of lines says how they just want to be successful. Having money, cars, and clothes according to Drake, makes him have a sense of successfulness. People associate them self in high social classes when they have accomplished all they needed to, to accomplish all the goal they have had in life. Those goals being made allows them to believe they are successful.

There is a main verse that stuck out to me. Drake said “Wise words from a decent man, Back when I was trying to put a ring on Alicia hand, This lost boy got fly without peter pan, And my delivery just got me buzzing like the pizza man, In person I am everything and more,I'm everywhere these other dudes never been before, But inside I'm treading waters steady trying to swim ashore, I'm on a shoppin spree to get whatever is in store, Just call me shop and bag drizzy.” He explains how he got where he is because he worked hard at what he did. This created a high social class because he states that he goes on shopping sprees and how people haven’t been to have the places he has been to see. This definitely creates a level in society that separates high class from low class.
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