Marx Manifesto

Topics: Means of production, Marxism, Communism Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Manifesto of the Communist Party

Part 1
In the beginning of the communist manifesto, it basically explains the purpose to publicize the views, aims, and tendencies of the communists. The manifesto was written for all to read and to understand and it also made a clear distinction of what communism is, both as a theory and a political movement. In the beginning of the section Marx talks about the idea of class struggles. Throughout the writing the most important idea that was being discussed was the idea that each society has a characteristic economic structure. These structures can cause conflict amongst one another leading them to oppress or be oppressed by each other. This idea can never be permanent though because with time, the means of production tend to be compatible with the class structure. The structure in a sense can move the development of productive forces, which in time needs to be destroyed. This fits with why the bourgeoisie is out of the feudalism and also brings up the idea of the destruction of the bourgeoisie. In the writing this is what Marx believe that this is how it should be understood, so when the different classes realign themselves in compliance with the changing means of production. The means of production, the forces of production, as well as the relations of production are all key elements Marx was referring to in his writing of the Communist Manifesto.

Marx believes that this kind of idea will no go on forever, however the manifesto will suggest that the modern class conflict is the final conflict, whereas the end will mark the end of all class relations. This may also suggest why the modern era is unique and runs differently then the way it used to be run. He mentions class antagonisms have been simplified and the two opposing classes which most of the writing was referred to was the bourgeoisies and the proletariat rise up. Also while the exploitative relationships in which Marx referred to be kept away, the veil was lifted...
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