Marx and Hegel's Works Review

Topics: Developing country, Marxism, Sociology Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Review by Zaline:

The idea of end of history is fallible construction and let examine historical change of the material world. The one the early driving forces of the end of history, Karl Marx and Friedrich Hegel. Marx argues for the communist utopia as definitive answer to sort out all prior contradiction. Historical development goes through a dialectical process with beginning and middle, and end original belong to Hegel. Marx theory was never realized fully but, it was good opponent of liberal democracy. There some aspect of Marx theory I would agree with such as the state as welfare institution. I don’t be there will every a classless society in the world. In contrast, Hegel’s doctrine suggest that history is product of mankind, “progressed through a series of primitive stages of consciousness on his path to the present, and that these stages corresponded to concrete forms of social organization, such as tribal, slave-owning, theocratic, and finally democratic-egalitarian societies, has become inseparable from the modern understanding of man.” These ideas are very similar but different that Hegel’s believes that history to ends; when rational form of society and state became victorious. To elaborate Hegel’s concept history better much end a more specific date in 1806 at the time of the battle of Jena. State took a transformation Monarch to a revolution which sought to be the vanguard of humanity. The defeat in essence is the measure of the leap of power to hand of the people and realize liberalism as precursor for human civilization to exist. Hence, this stage of human history mandates states to flow a liberal value which is the “universal homogenous state” which allows for all the prior contradiction to be concluded and all desire of mankind are met. Clearly this implies that human are satisfied to and there is no need for conflict of ideas to exist in the larger since because it has been all worked out. In Hegel’s view, ideas are essential different...
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