Marvins Room

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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Times I want to reveal/ what means the most to me/ if our eyes met today/ I doubt I could look away, explain how things went wrong we know what went right/ in a sense,it was tight/ now those days are gone/ no words,only silence/ waiting on things to come/ meanwhile we hope/ and I know someone heard that/ But I pray it wont get us in trouble/ I followed my heart/ Its led me to you/ admit there's been a few/ I would call it 2/ Y look back at what Ive been through/ I feel like I grew/ closer to you

I love that girl so bad, i hope that she knows that. But she aint pay any attention, all i want is her to notice. Made some bad choices to get her to look back, but i know she aint hear that. She wouldnt pay me no mind no matter what i do it aint enough but i aint close to shit. I miss ya i just hope you know, i wont ever let somethin, as beautiful as you, go tell me did you forget me, or was love not your remedy/it seemed you were sick of me, so you got rid of me/if it wasnt meant to be, it means you wasnt meant for me/you said you hated my friend, but towards the end, you talked to him/im not mad im disappointed, hello doctor i need an appointment/im sick of love; do you have any cures?/she took my heart but didnt give me hers.take care i sure will, imma get better soon/and when i do imma forget about you/#my room with the curtains closed.
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