Marvin's Room, the Film: Features of Personhood

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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What features of personhood are highlighted in the film? Give at least two features. Give at least two scenes that depict these features. The first feature states that a person is a self, an “I” who possesses an intimacy or inner world. This feature was highlighted through all the characters in the film simply because they had their own characters and personalities or identities which were unique to them and enabled them to be distinguished from all other characters. One scene that depicted this was when Hank, Lee’s son burned his family pictures and intentionally burned their own house. This scene highlighted his inner world which can be described as rebellious and problematic. His inner world was shown furthermore through his other actions and speech — depicted in the scene where His aunt wanted him to tell her about his problems. The second feature states that a person tends to actually manifest his intimacy. This is exemplified in the scenes where Hank confided his problems with his aunt. Through their conversation, Hank was able to manifest his intimacy. Furthermore, the scene where his aunt found out that he was telling him lies proved this and showed Hank’s intimacy — depicted he was very problematic and that he found it hard to express himself fully such that he kept on lying. In what way did Marvin’s illness contribute to Bessie’s growth as a person? Bessie grew to be a caring and loving person because of the people surrounding her — her aunt and father. Her father was very old and sickly; he needed to be taken care of. He exemplified weakness and fragility which made Bessie give her intimacy to her him by taking care of him and showing him love. This became a habit and formed her virtues as a person. In what way did Lee’s decision of not taking care of her father affect her growth as a person? Lee had a very tough life. She entered into a relationship with a man and ended up with a broken marriage. Perhaps her husband wasn’t able to reciprocate the...
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