Marvin Harris Savage Male

Topics: Sociology, Gender, Violence Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: April 25, 2013
The Savage Male, Harris

In American culture social norms differ from Asia where women are obligated to fulfilling their husbands needs, where as to the United States men are taught chivalry at a young age. It is common courtesy for a gentleman to open the door for a woman, these traits are developed at a young age in reality they do help prevent gender problems. The problems consist of physical abuse and unlawful treatment towards a man’s spouse, in the United States these problems can be prevented if parents are proactive towards educating their sons about chivalry. In The Savage Male Marvin Harris explains the sociological hierarchy of the Yanomamo people whom reside in the Amazon. This culture has different social norms as to American culture, unfortunately abuse towards women is tolerated “they yank on the sticks that women wear through their pierced ear lobes they sometimes pull so hard that the earlobe is torn open” (Harris) Pg.88.

Men biologically hold traits that title them to being aggressive beings, in certain societies brutality is shown through the rights of passage that young men must take in order to reaching manhood. According to Pasefika Te’o In Samoa young men are required to perform a traditional dance where a baton is used, this baton is ignited at the edges making it difficult to dance once the boy finishes he is able to receive his family crest that is tattooed onto his body. The riddle in the chapter is simple, yet the problems to this dilemma can be broken down into segments. A non-advanced society that is located in the isles of the jungle, has no hope for improving its social norms due to a decline in communication with other advanced societies where diffusion and acculturation is prevented. In a land where there is a surplus of males sexual dimorphism is the explanation to the behavior that is exemplified, the reason behind the aggressive behavior that the Yanomamo males show is that they are simply living by the ideology...
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