Maruti V. Hyundai

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Comparative Analysis Of
Consumer Preferrence Between
Hyundai i10
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

S.Y.BMS ‘B’ 5652


Indian automobile industry has grown leaps and bounds since 1898, a time when a car had touched the Indian streets for the first time. At present it holds a promising tenth position in the entire world with being # 1 in Two Wheelers and # 4 in commercial vehicles. Withstanding a growth rate of 18% per annum and an annual production of more than 2 million units, it may not be an exaggeration to say that this industry in the coming years will soon touch a figure of 10 million units per year.

The automobile industry in India — the ninth largest in the world with an annual production of over 2.3 million units in 2008 — is expected to become one of the major global automotive industries in the coming years

In this project we have undergone a detailed analysis of India automobile industry by using Fundamental and Technical tools. In order to better understand the performance of the industry we have made comparative analysis of Two players Hyundai motors and Maruti Suzuki ltd considering their two competitive cars i.e.., Hyundai i10 and Maruti Suzuki Wagon R.



Research objective

Research methodology (design)


Graphical representation of Questionnaire



Recommendation for actions



Today there is a cut throat competition in the market and an Automobile industry cannot escape itself from this competition. So its became very important for every company of this industry to provide better services to aviary the comparative advantage. So this project is done on consumer preference towards Hyundai i10 Era v. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R to increase the satisfaction level of its customers, so that it can retain its customer for a long time and can maintain good retains with its customer to increase its profitability with customer satisfaction.

1. To Compare consumer preferences between Hyundai’s i-10 and Maruti’s wagon-R 2. To know about costumer preference about i-10 and wagon-r and how much consumer prefers the brand in area of Mumbai city. 3. To create awareness & to tell the people what is importance of features of vehicle. 4. To create awareness about the i-10 and Wagon R Features and their Specifications.


1. Research Design:- Descriptive Analysis.
2. Data Collection:- Questionnaire
3. Method:- Most of the primary data are collected through direct personal interview with the use of structured question. Also had Personal interview with the sales executive officer. Secondary data are taken from the Internet, magazine, news paper, Articles, etc.


“Tall boy slugfest: Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Wagon R shoot out”

THERE'S A HISTORY here. A few moons ago, the original Wagon R and Santro were the most supreme cars in India for family car hatchery. Both evolved with styling updates, refreshed interiors and new engines.

Now in 2010, we have the all-new Wagon R that once again faces a traditional rival from Hyundai. The i10 is the spiritual successor of the Santro, which it has replaced worldwide. On the other hand, Maruti persists with the Wagon R brand and it has good reason to do so. It is a brand that has endeared itself to lakhs of Indian family car buyers. Here, we'll evaluate the new Wagon R against its obvious rival i.e., Hyundai i10. This is going to be a pitched battle.

Design and Style
There's no getting away from the 'It's a wagon, it's a car' ditty for Maruti's tall boy. Yes, it has grown bigger is every dimension, but one glance and you immediately know what it is. Can't say I'm convinced about the nose though. While the headlamps look contemporary, the grille is a bit of mishmash,...
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