Maru: Love and Yellow Daisies

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Maru is a book that reflects on the life of an orphaned young girl of Basarwa tribe who gets an opportunity of teaching and she is sent to teach in a remote village in Botswana where her own people are kept as slaves. Her existence separates a community which does not recognise Basarwa people as human beings thus condemn her to the lonely life of an outcast. This Book Maru in a way reflects on the life of its writer Bessie Head who is recognised as one of the best African writers, she also went through traumatising life experiences of racial prejudice in the late South-African government. She fled South Africa seeking refuge in Botswana where she settled in a small village which was filled with tribalism and people of her tribe were in slaved

Part One
That year the rains were so late, though the atmosphere was mysterious and threatening with menacing dark clouds, the summer season climatically was hot and dry. The clouds brought confusion in people’s minds as each evening roaring sounds of thunders and lightning would be heard only to live people with empty promises of rain. The man was fully equipped with necessary tools planning for the seasonal ploughing ground breaking was done for easy sowing two brand new tanks were installed on the nearby houses waiting for the rains to fall so they catch and contain the storm water. He wanted to plough something that will signify his wife’s beauty and resemble his true love for her and for that he prepared a flower garden of yellow daisies. The man’s desire was to fulfil his destinies no matter how many he had; though he knew life was short he was a born leader with an affection of pleasing and archiving his goals no matter the consequences, even if attain his goals threatened his position as a leader he will still go for the execution as planned. “I’ll be going now (Head, 1971)” quietly said Maru to a group of three working man who were building vegetable beds. He took his time as he was nervous to speak. The three men were not ordinary farm boys but close friends of Maru who shielded and have always been there for him through his entire life, he said some harsh words to them which annoyed them but because he was their leader they said “Maru is always impossible!” they spoke in a low voice out of respect behind him, fearing being heard. “Ranko” said Maru in a deep sharp voice of annoyance. ‘Didn’t I tell you not to break the up the clods? They are for conserving moisture in the soil’. (Head, 1971) Ranko stirred up the skies like he wished God will see his sorrows or he could see answers in the skies of what exactly his leader wants him to do, he wiped his nose with one arm out of confusion. In Setswana Ranko meant a person with a big nose, since when had people not had their vegetable garden raked in a decorated fancy way. Each and every new idea no matter how impossible it looked it had to be put into practise, making no allowance for prejudice. This to him was too much and painful like his big nose, the three men knew no other life but the one of serving and pleasing their leader Maru. Without him they were lost souls wuthering around with nowhere to go and this on its own inflicted fear into their lives. Maru was their king whom loathed the kingship like a husband who hated his annoying, most demanding ever complaining wife from the deep bottom of his heart, they knew he wanted to give up his leadership seat and it was a scary shocking secret to them which brought confusion and fear which they couldn’t be at peace with. The secret was kept among him and them, they knew it has to circulate around them only though they didn’t know the verdict none the less had answers to the outcome of events when the time comes only their leader who was planning to abandon them knew what he was doing. They knew when time comes they will just pretend as if their leader passed away. Maru paused for some time and looked up the skies, where the storm looked mysterious and...
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