Martyr of Karbala Hussain (A.S)

Topics: Battle of Karbala, Truth, Reality Pages: 2 (354 words) Published: December 12, 2008
Martyr of Karbala Hussain (A.S)

Time goes on but the realities are forever
Nothing is much worrying but terror
The past has seen many events
Events that took place far and near
Men have forgot many but it doesn't matter
Still there is the name, which will persist forever
Martyr of the Karbala
What a change he brought about
Drew the line with the Holy Blood
Seperaterd the false from the truth thus
No way left for the yazidians
From then till now
The name of yazid has been finished
Finished from the good books of the people
The followers of the yazid will see
What the hell they will surely meet
Hussain lay the immortal history
History of Humanity History of Reality
Truth is forever and so is the name
The name of Martyr of Karbala, Hussain

Copyright ©2004 Vahaj – Mehdi

The poem above is indicating about the Martyr of Karbala Hussain who didnt accepted hesitated in front of the evil forces. He knew that he will have to give his life for this cause for the sake of humanity and much more. But he remained firm and proceeded forward in the way of truth. He faced the cruelty of yazid (may God curse on him) to the extent exceeding human bearence in which he had to loose his few months old son named Ali Asghar who got strike by the arrow and was martyrd in his lap. He was filled with pain of loosing all of his family members surrounded by the army of yazid (may God curse on him). He lost his fellow men and dear ones one after the other and when he was martyred it all didnt end up there the cruelty of yazia ( may God curse on him) exceeded further and martyrd many of the young childrens of his family and to the rest he made them prisoner in which there were holy ladies and Hazrat Zainab (S.A) sistter of the martyr of karbala were also among those ladies and faced all the cruelty of yazid and his forces ( may God curse on him)
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