Martin Luther King Jr Essay

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Black people, African American Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jean Carlos Perez
Latrish Clark
Final Essay.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, with great accomplishments. If we could understand all of the things that he did in his life time we would endure so much information about the life that he led, and the way the world was back then. My goal is to do just that. I will start at the beginning of Martin Luther King Jr’s life and how it was to grow up in such a segregated world for him, we will explore his accomplishments as a minister including the speech that he made famous, after that we will explore when he died and how he died. I will explain everything there is to know about him, and the world that we never knew, but always enjoy learning about. Martin Luther King Jr, was a noble man, who had an eventful life. He was a hero to many and inspired most. It all began January 15, 1929, when he was born. His name was actually Michael Luther King Jr, his parents where inspired to change his name because of a protestant reformer ( They never legalized his name change even though he was known as Martin up until his death. His father was a preacher who was known as “big daddy’, his mother’s name was Alberta Williams King ( Martin was involved heavily in the church where his father preached. He sang in the choir and became a co pastor at the age of 13. He always had to attend segregated public schools in Georgia. He graduated High school by the time he was 15, he then went on to college where he received his B.A degree from Morehouse College. He eventually made his was to a doctoral degree. Finally he was named the pastor at the Baptist church in Alabama. He was an active leader for civil rights also an active leader for the color association ( Early December of 1955 he was the first black man to accept the leadership role, to be involved in the...
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